Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homework, vegetarian dinners, losing resolve, and more complaining about my job

I'm in the finals week of school. For most of my classes that's not
too stressful, but for one... Ugh!

I am taking history of Africa. I was so excited to be taking it, it
sounded extremely interesting. However, two things worked against me.
First, the textbook is the driest, most difficult to read and retain
book that I've ever read. This book makes war and peace look like a
light poolside read. The second seemed like a blessing. There were no
assignments. Just four quizzes that had no deadline. Do you know what
happens when you have no deadlines and a book that the most learning
starved person would chuck in the ocean? You push it back and push it
back and push it back. So here I am, frantically trying to catch up.
It's my own fault, but knowing that doesn't help me now. My goal for
next quarter is to do assignments when they are assigned, not when
they are due.

Mecca and I have been eating out recently. I'd like to tell you that
we frequented vegetarian restaurants that showcase local organic food
in a palate sparkling sort of way. It wasn't. We've been to...
Mcdonalds. All that is wrong in food preparation and service. We both
have eaten meat a couple of times. I was upset about this for a while,
but realized that my brain doesn't stand a chance against the complex
chemicals that they put in their food. I don't crave hamburgers that I
make, only these lab created concoctions that are designed to make me
want more and more and more. So, we've given it up. Just like crack,
there's no acceptable amount of McDonalds.

Tonight, we will be having rice and beans with a side of green beans.
Nothing gourmet but some good old fashioned comfort food.

Work has been... Well, the same. My boss is scrutinizing my every move
to try to fire me because I told her boss just how bad our department
is. I think she may have compiled enough to fire me next month. I've
stopped stressing. I've made one or two mistakes a month out of the
hundreds of files I deal with, I can't change that. I'm not perfect. I
think she's trying to get me to quit by making my work life miserable
but until I have another job that won't happen. HR told me to quit
also. But they are going to have to fire me if I don't find something
else first. At least then, hopefully I'll get unemployment.

What about you guys? What's going on in your worlds?

Have you ever put off a whole semesters worth of homework?
 I never have before this and I wouldn't recommend it.

What about cravings? Do you crave things that you know are actively
bad for you? Do you give in? Do you get guilty?

What's your favorite comfort food? Vegetarian or not

Have you ever had a boss you thought hated you? Have you ever talked
to management and gotten no support? Or been told to quit?

Have a great night, I'll be studying about Africa!


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  1. Hi Jessica! Thank you for reading and for the link here :) I loved your last comment and yes, one day we will get there...where we are all just people. No distinctions needed. til then, major hugs and peace!!! xoxo


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