Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whoa...it's been a minute!

Hi guys! It's been a bit since my last post...but...uh...sorry. That's all I got. Life, laziness, and.something else that starts with an L got in my way.

With me, all is pretty well. I did get fired, which was not a surprise, but still upsetting. I was glad to be away from the harassment, but miss the money. My wife also got laid off, so we've been hit pretty hard. We moved from Seattle to Tacoma, and live with her father now. Hopefully soon, we'll both be working again and can get an apartment of our own again.

We have decided to stay in Tacoma. It's so much cheaper here that I simply can't justify moving back to Seattle. (Well, I CAN but I'm not going to). Mecca and I created a 5 year plan, and staying in Tacoma for now, will help us in the future.

Other than that, life is pretty good. Mecca is in a program to be a minister and is almost finished with her psychology degree. I've been in school and then out of school, so I'm really no closer to anything. I've decided to stop going to school for now. We are going to get an apartment in downtown Tacoma, which is by the theater district and I'm going to act. I've always dreamed of it, so why shouldn't I? Lucky for me, I have an incredibly supportive wife that is cheering me on.

Jane Russell died. That made me sad. I loved her, and am sad to see another Hollywood icon leave us.

I'll do my best to update more routinely...it's not like I have anything else to do!