Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is why I can't be single...

I really hope my wife doesn't leave me...ever

On Wednesdays, my lovely wife has class that goes until 10pm. Plus, she just started a new job with evening hours. I have lost my evening companion. I am too lazy to cook for I don't.

Last night, for dinner, I had microwave popcorn, fried hashbrowns, and pineapple straight out of the can. My wife got home and there was no food waiting for her. She asked what we were gonna have for lunch the next day (today). I said we could have leftover Rice and beets delight. that I made...Monday I think. And we're all tired of, especially her since she took it for lunch and for dinner.

So, we had to stop at the grocery store on the way to work. The plus side is, for 20 bucks, we got a TON of food. And, QFC is selling strawberries for a dollar a pound! We bought 5. I'm thinking of going to get another few pounds. I'm not sure if it'd be cheaper to buy that and then freeze them. But we don't have much freezer space, so I don't think that's a great plan. *Le Sigh* I can't wait to have a house, with a freezer!

On another note, we are very seriously considering moving to Austin. Apart from the fact that doing so will strip us of ALL rights that the WA domestic partnership gave us and the fact that our pacific NW behinds have never dealt with the kind of racism the rest of the country has, it sounds like a great idea

Austin is artistic, diverse, gay friendly, educated, and friendly town. I like that it's traditional and progressive at the same time. I generally forget that my interracial, lesbian marriage...isn't all that traditional. Ah well. I guess if it's bad, we can just move again.

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