Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zen Thursday!

Good Morning! I'm at work right now... SHAME! I probable shouldn't be blogging at work

So, I follow the blog Goddess Guidebook

Go! Now! I'll wait!

You back now? Great!

Today is Zen Thrusday. What does that mean? Well, every week there's a task that will bring a little more peace to your life.'s unsubscribe from 5 RSS feeds or 2 newsletters. I know, I know. We all gasped in horror on that one. But, the more you think about it...the more you don't need all that. I for one, know that I get stressed out when I'm behind on all the crap I have to read. So it get's pushed aside to do "later". Guess what never comes?

So, in honor of my (and our collective) inner goddess I now pronounce Zen Thursday a success!

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